Packline 7

The latest packaging line from 2007 has 20 robots that pack 4 furniture in parallel, which means a production rate of about 18 ready-made furniture / minute.
All handling is done by machine. The line is managed by 3 operators working in two shifts.
Course 7 has two cardboard resare and two seals.

1. Carton raiser

2. Instruction inserter

3. One of the 20 robots, this puts in sides.

4. The boxes are sealed.

5. The boxes are loaded on pallets, plastic wrapped and labeled.



Packline 5

This fully automatic packline installed 1999 pack about 8 000 furniture per day. It means a  piece of furniture is packed every six seconds.
Total 18 robots serving line staffed by 5 operators.



Packline 6
This machine isa built  especially for packing Benno CD shelf.
The production rate is at 4 finished furniture / minute.
4 operators manning the facility which, instead of only robots, also has portals.

Packline 4
The newly renovated packline was restored in 2005. Some parts are added to the box manually.
The machine packs about four finished furniture per minute.


Our stock with packed furniture is 10.000 square meters.

Every day between 20-30 trucks is loaded with ready-made furniture. They run either directly to IKEA's stores around the world or to IKEA's central warehouse.

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