Reception chipboards

We receive about 80 lorries per week, which is equivalent to approx. 2 500 tonnes.
The chipboard is purchased both from the Nordic countries and from other European countries.
We are purchasing both raw and foiled chipboard.




The first step towards a finished piece of furniture is taken in our foiling line. There, paper foil is glued to the surface of the raw chipboard.

In 2005 we invested in this production line and it is capable of receiving boards with the measurements 2,5 x 5,5 metre and can go at a speed of 20-30 metre/minute.

1.     Applying foil at both sides at the same time.

2.     Feeding. The finished foiled chipboard is carried by automatic wagons to production lines, or to a between storage.



Productionline Anthon 2

In this production line from 1999 we produce daily about 130 000 details to bookshelves. It is 130 m long and 30 m wide. Eleven operators are manning the machine in three shifts. The finished parts are taken by forklift trucks to packing and also by roll tracks to a high storage area.


1.     Feeding of chipboards to Anthon 2

2.     At the first station the boards are sawed to the correct measurement.

3.     At the edging the speed can go up to 120 metres/minute.

4.     Drilling

5.     Feeding of finished details.


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